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Solaire and lotrec aren't really doing anything though. The best they do is distract the dragon so you can cut off the tail in peace.
Yeah, and not having the boss target you is a pretty big deal
All this info is great but one of the biggest pieces of information doesn't get mentioned. On the boss fight, CUT THE TAIL. This is stupid easy to do with the summoned NPC's for distraction while you wail on the tail. Upon severing the tail you are rewarded with the Dragon King Greataxe. Base DMG:380, 50STR wield requirement.


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What they said below. Sever the tail for Dragon King Greataxe(this should be added aboce under boss notes). Any Knight/Warrior will want to try this out. Swings a bit slow but hits like a truck.
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I’m definetly gonna use this place to farm Humanity. Rats have a chance of dropping it, and there are a LOT of rats.
Very fast invasions at level 30 weapon + 10
Go with +7 allows you to match with anyone who has +2 weapons or more
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