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Running a Cleric, assumed this spell was garbage like the last few... Actually, with good enough faith, this spell kicks ***. When you get it at No-Man's Wharf, with the stats to cast a lightning spear you can one-shot a Vagarian.
It's also much easier to free-aim. And the casting feels faster.
And you can blow explosive barrels up with it
What type of damage does it do? I've seen people mentioning it's magic, then some say it's part physical?
it's physical, wich means it only benifits from the sun ring when it comes to damage. it
yday i did 1128 dmg in one shot on invader (60 fth, sunbro ring, lighting gluch, cast speed ring) i am shooting this thing very fast and i have 20 uses (2 slots) feels amazing!



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yeah right
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This spell demolishes people in pvp. Wide range means they often get hit when rolling or running. Great for catching healers.