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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Weapon Story = 21O's thoughts
they fit 2B more, 21O was never really "by his side" and didn't hurt him either
Weapon story is 2B talking about 9S.
i think this is the large sword that was used by 9s in the barren temple, referring to it as "9s long sword" in the novella memory cage
it is hard for me to think that this weapon refers to either 2B or 21O, mainly because of the level 2 line, 9S feelings weren't a mystery, and he is quite open and chatty, i do though grant that Virtuous Treaty's story can resemble 9S's feelings for 2B



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Your right. That line is out of place if it's about 2B and 9S.. However, if this isn't talking about 2B and 9S, who is it talking about? The white and black weapons mirror each other. If the white greatsword is 9S's thoughts about 2B, then the black greatsword has to be 2B's thoughts about 9S.
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This weapon talks about side materials, namely novels Memory Cage and Memory Thorn and obviously describes 2B's feelings for 9S.
Might be referring to 9S ability to hack into machine and learn more than what 2B can see
It's clearly referring to 2B's feelings for 9S from the prequel novellas.
The second line doesn't seem out of place imo. "It was painful not to know what he was thinking. So painful." I think that points to the fact that 2B has to kill 9S every time he learns about the truth regarding humanity, which 2B doesn't know of. She's ordered to kill him over and over for learning something she can't know. You don't think she'd be painfully curious over why she has to kill who she's grown to love?
Virtuous Treaty is about 9S' feelings to 2B. Cruel Blood Oath is about 2B's feelings to 9S. And it's somehow symbolical that they wield weapons with each other's feelings. That"s what I'm thinking.
You find this weapon hidden deep and locked away, like 2B's feelings for 9S.
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