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Whit the feature that reduces damage when you hit the enemy too close, this weapon is completely different from how it was in Dark souls just isnt as good anymore
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That's not new in Dark Souls 2. If you hit something with the rod part of the weapon in DS1 it takes less damage than if you hit with the blade.
all halberds and reapers have always had sweetspots
R u sure kid? Level 53, raw Hellbird +5. One or two hits and DEAD. Also spin to win to kill gankers.
Low level babies crying.

PS 97 host players + 60(+) white cummies died.
You just need to play better.
Sounds like you need to learn how to space and actually get good at the game
I hate the fact of this weapon have a bonus of fire, it would be better if it was more like a first game (extremely strong, even though it can not be buffed or infused)
I agree.

At the same time though, it would be very useful for a paladin or a pyromancer, depending your fighting style.

My guy, Wilbur Cobb, doesn't have a lot of faith, but even with just meeting the minimum faith requirement, having high strength and dexterity makes this weapon a very reliable halberd. I'd even go so far as to say it's my favorite halberd.

So yeah, you don't even have to dedicate to the weapon for it to be amazing.
Has anyone realized that Gwynn looks like Santa Claus in the statue in ds3?
Hello, I was just doing some testing with effiecient builds for this weapon, my cunclusion is the build in the extra notes is total trash, even if the calculation is correct 633 dmg with 121 points of stats is worse in comparison to some Attack Rating's I achieved. The Data is probably outdated however, I would recommend updating it,infusing the Black Knight Halberd with Lightning is not worth anymore. Fire Infusions give higher Attack Rating's with pretty much every combination of Stats (tested with: 17Str/26Dex/1Int/60Fth and 17Str/50Dex/1Int/50Fth), both had a difference of 15 Attack, hoewever big difference comes from Elemental Split Dmg -> Fire Infusion is better than Lightning not only because of higher total AR but also it only goes through 2 typees of resitances. I only made rough testing&calulating, further testing is most likely needed for 100% confirmation.
thanks for this info
negative. 1 Slow. Especially 1h 2 Only for experience users as all halberds in the game. You need to feel the distance and always hit with the blade for full DMG. 3 High requirements. 4 Can't buff with resins. 5 Available very late in the game. 6 Split DMG Positive. If you know how to keep your distance, parry, backstab BKH will produce amazingly high DMG output. I used BKH through all 3 DLC's and love it a lot. Spin to win rips bosses apart. Probably best weapon on NG for Elena and Dragon in Sunken king DLC and king pets in Ivory king. Wouldn't recommend it for Ivory king or Fume fights. I really wish for BKH to be pure physical weapon and a little faster. Do not infuse it with anything under no circumstances especially bad idea is to infuse it with lightning. Split damage in SoTFS suck. Avoid any weapon with more then 2 types of damage.



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I agree with just about everything you have said. However, it is not that late game of a weapon. It can be obtained directly after you have obtained a fragrant branch of yore. This will allow you to enter shaded woods and quickly go through until you reach the bonfire the this weapon is found near.