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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Why does he have the DS3 knight armor
Why does DS3 knight have his armor?
He stole it.
Not really! Since you can carry both Master Key and Old Witch's Ring right at the beginning, it is a useful class for adventures.
if yu want to use a velka's talisman build, this class is actually perfect.
I think Fextralife should show the thief some love. Even though it might not be good for max efficiency per level it is very nive starting with so high dex since you can two hand a lot of weapons allready. You also get the master key plus anything else and you get a very nice crit and bleed weapon
I always start a new character with the thief because i get the Master Key and any other starting gift i choose. high dex and balanced attunement, intelligence and faith for some great noteworthy. 9/10 rating for me
I'm a little shocked by how this article goes out of their way to call this the worst class for new/experienced players. In my personal view, the Intelligence and Faith stats could allow an Int focused build to put only a few points into faith to use a few utility miracles such as Replenishment or Force, while being able to wield the Effigy Shield or Sanctus. This class starts with poor Strength, Vigor, and Endurance but that can be offset with the Mother mask or RoFaP while investing slightly into Strength.
Occult Caestus and claw thief is best


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What kind of thiephobic articule is that?
I know right, the thief is the best for faith/int hybrid builds.


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I have since corrected some of these sickly opinionated and nonsensical cringy writings and wrote helpful FAQs on this and other articles as well.
no one defending this class can do basic math lmao
It's literally a video game dude, who cares?
Have fun.
If you're good enough, your starting class doesn't even matter.
(Not to mention most speedruns pick the thief due to master key + firebomb start)
What's your issue?