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Dem chicken legs
Damn,you right.
Would silver knight boots and gauntlets look good with this?
Yup, because the armour set looks similar to the silver knight stuff
it's the exact same, except that Artorias' set is a bit more damaged
I thought it would look cool with darkwraith mask... If only the neck was a bit longer xD
imagine fightning sif like this. such pain to be felt. much memories to be remembered. tears ahead try going back.
I fought manus with the whole armor, the cleansing greatshielf and the abyss sword, together wirh puppy sif summoned, adter killing him i inmediately went and killed sif, such an emotive moment i
Cringe lmao



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I've done it, full Artorias cosplay, I even saved him before so I would get the special cut scene. It was quite sad
Make sure your ashen one never skips leg day.
Is there away so I can make the face opening pitch black so I don't see my face?
make a black character
nope, not to my knowledge
armor values at +5 Helm: phys 27,9; strike 25,1; slash 32,1; thrust 29,3 mag 14; fire 29,5; lightning 14 ; poise 6; bleed + poison + curse : 11,4 armor: phys 65,1; strike 58,6; slash 74,9; thrust 68,4 mag 34,1; fire 71,3; lightning 34,1 ; poise 15; bleed + poison 27,9 ; curse : 25,4 gloves: phys31; strike 27,9; slash 35,6; thrust 32,6 mag 15,5; fire 32,6; lightning 15,5 ; poise 7; bleed + poison 12,7; curse : 11,4 leggings: phys 35,6; strike 32,1; slash 41; thrust 37,4 mag 17,1; fire 37,2; lightning 17,1 ; poise 9; bleed + poison 14; curse : 12,7 rest is up to you
it'd be cool if this armor could interact with ghosts like the cleansing shield and the cursed artorias sword can
As a passive/special yes i agree with you
define interact
Non dlc players can get it by trading with players that have it now
This comment would be forgivable if it wasn't made in the year 2019. How can anyone be playing this without the DLC? You'd need to go back to the PS3/XBox 360 versions to do that, and their servers are dead, making it literally impossible to trade with anyone.