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Sithi's touch can also be gained form DarkBrotherhood Speaker contracts
I assume it's for PvE. A rogue can go assassinate a mob that's susceptible to Blade of Woe from stealth, then with 20 seconds have a stronger-than-normal initiate on a mob held by the tank. This obviously has no PvP value whatsoever. Still...this is a *very* weak set. I feel like it's probably one of the worse DLC item sets there is.
What is the point of this set?


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Often times NPC enemies come in twos and threes. The point of this set is to be able to VERY quickly dispatch those groups of enemies. You can use the Blade of Woe on most human/human-like targets that aren't bosses so this is actually very useful for quickly working through a bunch of mobs. You can even use it on a secondary target immediately prior to engaging a boss and start the fight with an extremely strong boost.
Should be for 1-2 hours with requirement to keep armor equipped for the duration