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that amazing feeling when i fool superbuffers with an elemental enchant spell on a pure physical weapon... mmm the smell of fear when they retreat in terror, you can see it, you can hear it; "HOW DID HE DAMAGE FOR 500 WITH AN ELEMENTAL WEAPON WHILE I HAVE MY SKILL BUFF ON?!?!?!?!"
One of the biggest reasons I use physical damage weapons lol. Elemental weapons became such a pervasive element of the PvP "meta" that people stopped making any effort to protect themselves from the "inferior" physical damage weapons.
Why the flying ***** did they make it useless for low faith character, I want to bring the req. Down to 18 but then it only lasts 10 seconds... *****ing pointless
Put two points into Faith and quit being a pansy.
Why the flying **** did they make greathammers useless for a low strength character, i want to use them at 10 Str but only do 20 damage... ****ing pointless