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By Anonymous
These bastards are stupidly strong for the point of the game they're in, particularly the Man-Catcher wielding ones, they're really fast, have relatively high health, they hit like absolute freight trains while attacking quickly and seemingly being guaranteed to stunlock you regardless of your poise, and perhaps worst of all, they have super armor while they're attacking making it almost impossible to stagger them while they're attacking, they'll poise through Great Hammer R2s that'll normally pancake them without even flinching, forcing you to trade with them if you try to hit them while they're about to attack which is very dangerous seeing as how they hit ridiculously hard compared to most other mid-game enemies and the other enemies in the area, Fight these guys with caution in melee, they can easily kill you very quickly if you aren't
By Anonymous
Worth noting they have extremely high super-armor while they're attacking, I've clapped these bastards in the face with two-handed UGS R2s that would normally knock them flat on their asses and they've just eaten it without even flinching, quite annoying considering they also hit like freight-trains and are fast and very aggressive
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By samadhi
"Drops bloodied whip"

WTF. Why though?
By Anonymous
Because they use it
By Anonymous
Not too hard to stagger and don't have that much health, but good lord do these bastards hurt, pretty surprising since the Man Catchers they use (Or at least, that's what their weapons look most similar to) aren't really made to be weapons, they're meant to restrain people and also pull them off of mounts to counter horse riders but wouldn't be able to actually cause much harm to anyone who isn't simply unarmored.
By Anonymous
"HP NG+: 1,400
NG+7: 1,000" Is this correct?
By Anonymous
Very quick, deals ton of damage, very hard to defeat overall
By Anonymous
Don't forget tons of super armor while they're attacking, they can poise through 2-handed ultra greatsword attacks while they're attacking.
By Anonymous
What is the deal with these?? Their damage is absolutely insane. And I swear they have gotten way stronger. When I first came through Huntsman's Copse for the first time, they were difficult but not a major problem. I've come back to get the Chloranthy Ring+2 (I'm up to Aldia's Keep now) and suddenly they are the probably the strongest regular enemies in the game. I'm wearing a mix of armor that has both high dark and physical defense and they can still 2 shot me. If I try to use the Silverblack shield that has 80% dark reduction, they annihilate my stamina (25 Endurance) and destroy me. I guess I just need to only dodge attacks like I usually do with everything else instead of trying to be safe and blocking. And then there's gank corridor. First time I came through, I just moved real slowly, was able to aggro them 1 at a time and it wasn't an issue. Now, the second that the first one jumps down, the 2 after him also aggro and it's all over. I didn't burn a bonfire Ascetic in Huntsman's Copse, only in Undead Purgatory. Are they technically part of Undead Purgatory?? I can't think of any other reason why they have become such a nightmare all of a sudden.
By Anonymous
Use a bow to hit them from the start of the ravine they're located in to do some damage to them from afar, and lure them out one at a time. That's what I did whenever I was trying to get through that crap section.
By Anonymous
Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed this inconsistency in their aggro. First 2-3 times, it was hell trying to deal with them because they would all aggro at once regardless of what I did. But after that, luring them out one after the other was not hard at all. In fact, it seemed like their aggro range decreased and the 4th and 5th ones did not even jump down until I got all the way near them.
By Anonymous
coolest looking weapon in the game... not obtainable