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good wiki good game
Why does 2B and 9S voices sound high pitch and distorted?? It happened after k finished the 3rd play through and got the D ending. Is there a way I can change it back?
Is there any way how to get those pictures of Units (enemies) in better resolution? I'm working on little TCG with NieR Automata theme but those screens (200x200) are just to small...Please:(


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Materials list has been updated for convenience. Happy farming, all.
i've never played anything close to it!! wow, it's like 100 different games in 1 huge amazing game, soundtrack is the best i've heard in years!
just wow, and again, WOW !
please please please more games with this engine <3
kind regards from israel!!!
Incame completion list is pretty much useless if the game doesn't tell me where one chapter ends and another begins. I shouldn't been forced to google a guide to achieve 100%...that's bad game design.
the chapter ends when you do the main quest you select, it's not bad game design, you're just stupid
I fell in love with the philosophy of this game during my first play through of the entire game. Now I am on my third play through trying to figure out every hint of philosophy this game posses. I can tell you it is jam-packed and this game effected me on a personal level. As a philosophical thinker, this game challenged everything I thought I knew and tackled question that I never had thought about. Even if not for the philosophical aspect I still give this game 10/10. most Incredible game of our time.
I fell in love with 2B's thicc ***.