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Please explane why sworddoes not have blue magic like eldan ring.
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By Anonymous
It’s a fake. The real one is the Moonlight Greatsword
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You have to be trolling or you could not even be bothered to read this page despite clicking on it. Absolute mouth breather.
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431 AR infused raw beats most greatswords, if not all. On 50 STR/50 DEX, the Mastodon Greatsword outperforms the Raw Bluemoon Greatsword by only 8 points (439 AR), which is a joke of a number. It is an outrageous stat investment compared to BmGS minimal requirements of 19 STR ( twohanded ) and 8 DEX.

The blue stick is nutty.
By Anonymous
Actually, only 14 str because your str is doubled in this game when two handing. For sotfs anyway.
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How much int would you need for the enchanted+10 to surpass the raw+10?
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At 99 INT, the Enchanted BmGs +10 outputs 415 AR.
Raw BmGs +10 has 431 AR.

So to answer your question: no.
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yeah we all know it's fake and thatit has no scalling, but i actually like it because of it's bulkier shape compared to the original moonlight, and it's decent ar when raw and +10 don't even make it a half-bad weapon