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Very low durability. Peroid
Is "peroids" like hemorrhoids, except for your pee hole?
Despite being a "fake," I would actually highly recommend this weapon. Yes, it has low durability, but if used sparingly in PVE, or used in PVP area matches, this sword can shine as brightly as a full moon in September.
Is this a noob-trapping great-sword?
Yes, but then again, just about any greatsword is. This one is a pretty long one though, and the one-handed R1 combine with its deceptive length is very good for stun-locking anyone not using Havel's Armor.
This weapon is a fake of the moonlight Greatswords
No way
who knew?
An enchanted bluemoon greatsword +10 at 99 INT will only do 415 AR whereas a raw bluemoon greatsword +10 will do 431 AR, if you want to be using this sword for physical damage the raw infusion is the way to go as it completely outclasses the enchanted infusion.
Are you sure about that cause I have like no intelligence and I'm getting 420 Ar
well did you infuse it with enchanted or left it as it is?
Anyone notice after enchanting it kinda glows.
"If Maughlin is in his final stage, where he yells "I'm rich, I'm rich!", he will not say anything about the sword" He does, actually.
You know, it's long been my headcanon that Benhart knows exactly what his sword is: He treasures it because it's an old family heirloom, and he never actually claims it's some kind of magical blade. He just says that "only a true man can wield it right." I figure what he means by that is that it's the skill of the swordsman that matters, not any inherent quality of the weapon. He probably wouldn't even be interested in the real Moonlight Greatsword considering it's a pure Intelligence weapon, and Benhart kinda doesn't strike me as the type who'd consider intelligence and magic talent to be the best quality of a manly warrior.
431 damage with a raw infusion will stand toe to toe damage wise with pretty much any other great sword even with a 50/50 Strength/Dexterity build behind it. If you start as the knight, that requires only 17 strength and one point in dexterity, as opposed to over 40 levels in each to get the hard caps for a claymore. Definitely worth picking up, even worth killing Benhart as soon as possible, as this weapon will make you a monster at low-mid levels. Just keep your eye on the durability, as this thing breaks quickly.