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By Anonymous
If you do Emil's determination but then chapter select the part will still be there, have no fear
By Anonymous
Third Location is wrong. You cannot visit Emil's Residence after completing his Determination Quest anymore. The door will simply be locked.
By Anonymous
You need to talk to Emil everytime you do a chapter select, or the door will be locked.
By ChrisMorray
It's locked because Emil reset, you gotta talk to him again to get the "What's that? Wanna know where I live?" line. Door is open after that and the part is in a chest at the same location as his head. No hacking required this time, just did this on 9S before going to the Coastal resource unit.
By Anonymous
Second location is not clear, boss name is Ko-Shi, not Boku-Shi. The tower is the one you enter near the end of the game, reading that description one might think at the metallic tower near Pascal's village entrance in the city ruins, after the boss fight with 2B or 9S. Altough it's pretty easy to find I missed it the first time since I went directly to the book.
By Anonymous
Tip for farming from the golden bunny - use the "blade" pod program to wake him up (works really well with three pods, will generally cause the bunny to wake up in a few seconds), and make sure you switch between A2 and 9S/2B when farming him, which will up the chances of him dropping the part.
By Anonymous
Farmed him with 9s for lvl 99. Awakened him with damage chips, switched to exp and 80% drop rate chips. Lvl 62-99 i got 10 Powerup Part L. (which is 10 kills...)
By Anonymous
I've tried at the Amusement Park Rabbit but I always got Machine Core instead of Powerup Part L. I even tried reloading and defeat the Rabbit again and again but never got it. Anyone know why?
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By Fallenangel700
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It's a random drop, so you've just been getting unlucky.
By Anonymous
Después de farmear experiencia con el consejo del parque desde nivel 80 para subir al nivel a 99, obtuve 6 potenciadores v3, de esos enfrentamientos soltó potenciadores 2 veces consecutivas/After farming experience with Park rabbit from level 80 to raise the level to 99, I got 6 Powerup Part L, from those clashes released Powerup 2 consecutive times
By Anonymous
Is anyone else dying to this rabbit in one hit? Starting to feel like a total nub.
By Anonymous
Its best to go in as 9S and hack it. Its also recommended to fight it around lvl 70 or higher.
By Anonymous
For the rabbit powerpart L I think you only get the drops when you dont have any in your inventory. When you have one in your inventory you seem to just get cores.
By Anonymous
I don't have any in my inventory but I still don't get any from the rabbit. Maybe you only get one total from it? I know I got one before.