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repair hammer combined with nails makes 4 lockpicks
Hammers in general I guess ? At least hammer "tools". Claw Hammer worked as well.
Penny Bun Mushroom combined with Empty Potion Bottle makes Minor Healing Potion
Empty Potion bottle with Yarrow Flower makes Healing Elixir(80% heal)
Hey guys, you know that one can edit this right? pretty much anyone :P
Someone deleted rcipes? Lol...
milk + jar of honey = milk and honey (15% heal + 20% psn resist)


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Can you craft magic items?
i tried small dex or constituien potion + medium of same type, it did nothing...
Mixing small and small, or medium and medium of anything of the same type will craft, but never small and medium.
I only have 2 slots to craft how do I get more? Like a teleport spell takes 3 items feather + paper + air essence but I can't combine 3 items
use main crafting panel not the 'combine ' one