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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Thank you!
Best Nier Automata endings guide online.
You're awesome!
Ending O is wrong. Please edit.

Ending O is chapter chapter 11-04 contaminated YoRHa. Instead of hacking into 2B and saving her. Simply run awag from 2B and the contaminated yohra units
Ending 'O' isn't wrong. I just achieved it using their instructions... It may be that you can get it multiple ways.
It's true! I got it none of the ways you got it.
It's all about seving or abandoning 2B in this mission which works for both situations.
For some reason, I didn't realize that this was fextralife until I saw the comments section. Lol
Couldn't you do ending Y in NG+ If you miss it? Or does NG+ keep your sidequests completed?
NG+ Keeps completed sidequest progress but if you start a sidequest and fail to finish it then it doesn't save the progress, so no you can't do ending Y if you complete the sidequest.
There are other endings as well. So far i have found a "triangle" ending. Achieved for the quest "Mysterious Invitation", acceptable in the inbox closer to the end of the 9S's campaign.

Spoiler: In that quest you play back memories of a machine who wasnt good at anything and in the end it is revealed that some machines are poor creatures who are forced to kill.
Also the ending song is just beautiful: Deserving of Life by amazarashi.
That's the first of the DLC endings. It hasn't been revealed how many there will be yet.
Huh, so it's a triangle? This could imply there are at least three similar endings, possibly in the same DLC or in future DLC? It could be derived from the four PS controller buttons, or it might be Delta, commonly listed fourth in the Greek alphabet.
There is a mysterious language that mashines use in the game and in the add for the game at the end it has a message in that language and for "meat box","soul box" and "good box " maybie if you do mashine related stuff that they don't want to do (note:try to self-destruct the mashine 9S is studying)
Absolutely. One needs to dive back in the lore of the games that came before this one and finish all 5 first endings to understand it. It is all a game of the human minds, de-incarnated somewhere and waiting for a suitable vessel to complete the Gestalt project. This game storyline is just...brilliant. It's an artwork.
To anyone finding the ending E hard to do solo (or offline) and willing to do anything to earn it, you can use cheat engine - your ship has 3 maximum life, losing 1 per every hit.
I would add that this is the only way to complete that minigame in offline mode, since it's not very hard but literally impossible: your ship alone doesn't have enough firing power to break through soaking bullet barrage of last "credits bosses"