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By Anonymous
You call that a noife? Now THIS, is a noife!
By Anonymous
Meat Cleaver from DeS?
By Anonymous
It is a big Meat Cleaver just like the Demon Souls one, but it's a bit small and it's not a great hammer, makes sense that it isn't tho, a giant meat cleaver being classed as a "Greathammer" is pretty backwards
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By DioTheCynicBard
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Awful weapon, it's all over the place...slow R2's, low stagger build-up, easily deflected, easy to parry, any other STR is a better choice.
By Anonymous
Low stagger buildup? What world are you on? You're completely wrong, This weapon has very good stunlock potential, pretty high damage, good reach, very good strength scaling and heals some health back each time you successfully hit something and doesn't use too much stamina for how damaging it is, It's safe to say this is one of the better strength weapons, Its not what I'd call "All over the place", One of the only majorly terrible things about it is the 2-handed r2.
By Anonymous
The one handed R2 is so cool, perfect for a Patrick Bateman cosplay
By Anonymous
literally me cosplay