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This is an excellent weapon for going for a STR build before getting up to the higher-tier ultra weapons. Unless you really like enchantments, I would recommend just straight upgrading this to +15 if you plan to keep it for STR scaling. The scaling is excellent, and the +5 HP per hit, while small, adds up when you're chopping down them mob enemies. 9/10 weapon.
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Is it good for PVP? Is it worth as an alternative to other more common STR weapons?
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For PvP it's just a slightly better version of battle axe. It's a great weapon but most players prefer to kill in one or two hits in PvP and if that's what you're after go with an ultra weapon
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In PvE it may very well be the best pound for pound weapon it's got respectable damage no sex requirement has a slight healing effect can hit multiple enemies simultaneously has a weird outbox that lets you hit enemies behind you can stunlock some enemies and it has stupid range for an axe
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Auto correct is the enemy of my people...
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so as long the weapon dosnt have a sex requirement one dont need to in order to wield it
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Kind of a dex and strength build. I’m thinking of making it a fire or lightning weapon instead due to scaling
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from +10 to +15 it has an A scaling so if you are a str dex build is better to dont go with elemetal. But, if you dont level up strenght to wield it with one hand is a good idea to go lightining
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yes, i just tried it, me and mildred totally destroyed quelaag.
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Mildred and I
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wow anon hitler gotta correct people from the grave eh?
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By Imalayan
Same as for all regular upgradable weapons: Weaponlevel = Upgradelevel unless you enchant the weapon with fire etc.
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what are you trying to say?...
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this weapon is truly amazing. insane damage and scaling with strength, huge range, the heal is tiny but with it's stunlocking capabilities and relatively small stamina use it adds up. the only downsides are the heavy attacks, specially the 2h one. the 1h one is good if you have the spacing down, but the 2h one is too awfully slow and short ranged to be of any use, a shame considering how long ranged of an axe this is. a beast of a weapon, nonetheless. easily one of the best axes, and one of the best strength only weapons in game.
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First playthrough, had no humanities by the time I got to the swamp bonfire. Never saw Maneater Mildred. Killed Quelaag. Looked at wiki after that since I've "finished" this area and see if I missed anything. Now I can never find her and get this weapon. FUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
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You can get it in New game plus I want it as well but beat quelag 1st lol
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Exactly my situation when I learned grant was a thing
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"...THAT's a knife."
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the go-to "horror slasher" weapon