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How should I upgrade this staff. I am having a hybrid build and have 18 intelligence so far. I have the dull ember but dont know how I shoudl upgrade this staff?!
upgrade it with titanite and infuse it with a faintstone
well, it’s either 2 options in this case faintstone or darknight stone it’s not exactly rocket science
fextralife is such a mess. dont spam the damned page with your unimportant information
Even while wearing the traveler's merchant hat, it took me forever to get a lizard staff from one of those black hollow mages (I hadn't made it to the Iron Keep yet, so no jester's hat or gold serpent ring). It wasn't until I used a rusted coin with the TM hat that the staff finally dropped.
too op plz nerf
Day 92 of farming this staff. My **** is gone. Balls nearly there - if I don't get it soon, they'll be as nonexistent as the staff.
I got it after killing my third mage (after using a bonfire ascetic) in undead purgatory. I guess i got really lucky.
If I were locked in a room and told I didn't get to come out until I had gotten this staff, I'd be scared for my life.
Just finally managed to pick this BAMF up. For the record, I was using the covetous gold serpent ring +1, jesters hat, and watchdragon parma. It dropped from the second necromancer in the boss fight, at the end. I got also 3 hats, 8 robes, and 15 amber herbs in probably 15-20 hours of farming (idk how much time is spent on the menu screen and loading). This was SotFS. Good luck fellas.
FYI bonfire intensity affects droprate, so kill the boss 7 times before farming for optimal drop rates
I've never raged in a dark souls game until trying to get this f-ing staff.