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By Anonymous
The first one you encounter can also summon what appears to be Hellkite Dragon's head to breathe fire at you.
By Anonymous
Yeah it's just the Twinkling dragon head stone effect
By Anonymous
Hate these dudes.
By Anonymous
I think they can be farmed for Divine/Hidden blessings. Can anyone else confirm?
By Bonzo
They only drop it once.
By Anonymous
god I wish these guys would have dialogue if you had killed NPCs, like judge you for murder
By Anonymous
Can he throw you to the tower across that is unreachable?
By Anonymous
No and the tower has no colision either
By Anonymous
lol vaati uses mods, like most PC gamers. I know that where you got that from. The tower seems like unused content. Or it may be used for a surprise update in the future. SanadSK said he's looking in the files to see if he finds something though. We all were wondering about that tower lol. It's the highest building in the ringed city.
By Anonymous
I never knew about that dragon one, really strange how that single Judicator has a special summon, I'd love to know the lore reasons.
By Anonymous
This is wrong! Magic actually takes more health from him than physical attacks. Lightning seems to work really well too. Dark takes a nice amount too, but not more than lighting or magic. Dark magic destroys him.
By Anonymous
Just causally strolling from the first bonfire and I get insta-**** by a million arrows, classic dark souls
By Anonymous
I know the felling... I was observing the landscape and them... INSTA-**** BY ARROWS, my only reaction was "WHAT THE ***** WAS THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"
By Anonymous
"Huh, I don't see any enemies..." GONG *immediately arrowed to death*
By Anonymous
The one in the swamp is constantly mumbling about searching for something I think. Vocal enemies are awesome, though I never live/let them live long enough to hear their entire script. Cool guy tbh as long as he isn't sicking his ghosts against me.
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