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By Anonymous
You can't imagine the pain i felt when i realised these guys respawned
By Anonymous
hey, hey, but.... but just hear me out, we now at least have a way to infinitely get divine blessings
By Anonymous
Judicator or Adjudicator, wich looks cooler?
By Anonymous
Judicator: Cum, let's do some mass orgy.
So why no lore speculation about these guys? I thought you like to speculate?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
1st one - run your *** off hiding behind grave stones, use stairway behind him to lose aggro and heal between attack rushes
2nd one - Cheese with a bow 2-3x shots and then running away until aggro loss, repeat
3rd one - Buff up in every possible way on ledge, then drop down and charge him and unleash before ring knights show up.

That's how I do it anyhow.
By Anonymous
vs archers run sideways away from him

vs witches roll sideways slightly towards him

vs ledo just walk away from the guy lol
By Anonymous
this guy...respawns?!
By Anonymous
imagine him dropping a miracle that gives you 2 ruin sentinel archers to go pew pew, that would be really fun and neat and cool and epic and pog
By Anonymous
So the one in the swamp drops infinite blessings?
By Anonymous
One per NG cycle
By Anonymous
Oh? You almost finished the game? Here. Take some God damn suffering.
- the devs porbably
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