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Nerfed into the ground. RIP.
Maybe it has a chance now?
which is better? The shield or the spear? plz need reply
Shut the **** up.
Yeah seriously, shut the ***** up.
Depends on the situation. I ran this shield when doing my sheild only run as it does the most damage out of any shield i do believe. It would do well as a side shiled in PVP, able to block the bs black magic***** and be able to suprise your enemy with with a ranged attack
which is better the shield or spear? plz reply
i showed you my spear, plz respond
which is better the shield or spear? plz reply
Maybe if you gave us info on your build it would give us reason to reply, shut up you annoying manchild
Well, a lot of people dont seem to be able to answer a simple question. Gotta love this community. Neither is "better". The Spear might be nice with a pure Int build until you get the greatsword. The shield is nice, if your best friend, you are often duelin with, uses a pure magic build. You can also just pop(ie use) the soul, as both items are not very interesting.
it is a shame the remaster didn't re-balance the shield by adding a smidgeon of stat scaling. a c in intelligence even would have made it stay relavent during later game/new game +'s. As it is, the shield is just good for a few bits of chip damage at a moderate range. Or maybe pulling enemies if you're careful.
Uhmmm.... it's a shield? And not supposed to do much damage?
Situational is a good word for it.
General shield? Nah
Magic shield? Yeeh
Practically free projectile on moderate range? Yeeeh
A potential middle finger in the faces of Dark Bead spammers when they unload on your shield and have Karmic Justice blow their faces off?
...Yes, but don't let them know that.
I've been playing ds3 as of recently, just seeing the word dark bead makes me happy that hexes are trash in pvp on ds3
Fashion souls, true end game. That shield, the crystal catalyst, moonlight greatsword and the channeller set.
Devs: Miyazaki we need to rebalance a couple of things and noticed this shield is a bit lacking what should we do? Miyazaki: leave it Devs: but why-- Miyazaki: for fashion Devs: but shouldn't it be at least usefu-Miyazaki: FASHION



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It as amazingly useful for the 4 kings, and even against the moonlight butterfly on ng+ and beyond. So idk what you're talking about. It is definitely not useless in any way. Plus yes, it does have good fashion ;)
I don't know how to upgrade my shield like this at all
Any small Shield to +10, take to Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo with Moonlight Butterfly soul