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These guys can drop Twinkling titanite.


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What's the rough drop rate?
can we call these guys beyblade turtles?
i laugh my *** off when i see hosts get knocked over by the spinning one behind the illusion wall
the range on their "miracles" is ridiculous. to bad you can't get said miracles
it look like a corrupted version of projected heal.
or a version atuned to them. If an enemi is in the radius of the aura (in close contqct with you, or entering the zone when you left it) it heal them instead.

Someone could use this to compute their spell buff
These guys also drop blessed gems sometimes.
I got one to drop a Twinkling titanite, possible farm spot in the swamp, but still testing!
Okay tested this run:

Starting from the Ringed CIty Streets bonfire, there is 12 clerics to kill. The run takes between 02:30-03:00 min (02:00 if you're fast af) and with my gear (Avarice, GSR+3, SSR+3, Crystal Rapier, Shield of Want) i managed to get 1-3 Twinkling titanites each run and 45k souls. I have never to farm the Archdragon rock lizards, but this aint too bad imo!
I just lost 80000 souls (did play the DLC once on NG+, but I lost the save so I am playing the whole game again now) to one of this piece of*****, his miracles could appear while I was on a ladder WTF!!!
you can kick them when they try to self heal and it will flip them over without you having to hit them
Silencing works well. They can't cast damaging miracles or heal. They still turtle up, but just without the healing.