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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

there is no internal cooldown on this chip. if healing from the chip results in your HP still being under 30%, it immediately activates again, healing twice. in fact, if you pair it up with anti-chain damage, you can use self-destruct or berserk mode to trigger 1hp, and immediately get healed, without fear of being killed (self-destruct triggers anti-chain damage)
Is there a bug with this chip?
Currently i have multiple +1 versions of this chip they say "Auto-use healing item if HP drops below 30%. Heals 15% more".
When i fuse two +1 chips together the fused +2 chip says "Auto-use healing item if HP drops below 30%. Heals 10% more"!!!
Shouldn't it be "Heals 20% more"??? I am confused!
Never mind, i found the solution:

I've double-checked my chips yesterday and i was right. I really only have three +1 "Auto-use item" chips and nothing else... And it says 10% after fusing!
Then, without any clue whats going on, i've decided to change the in game language from german (i am from germany, so...) to english. AND after that the text was right!!! 20% not 10%!!!
I even changed the language in italian to check. Same here. 20%
Back to german... 10%!!! So, there is a typo in the german text description!
Oh man... Three days i was confused for nothing! :-D