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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Manchettes in this set are some of the best P4P.


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There are serious calculation problems within the table as of 6.23.2018 (the sums are inaccurate: see the fire, strike, and slash columns), and as for outside the columns, the rounding of decimals from the in-game numbers (besides the weight) for this listing causes further inaccuracies. This percolate up to the listings on other pages - I suspect some of the other less-popular armor sets may have the same problem. I'm fixing the values on this page as we speak, but others may want to double check pages, especially ones where there are no decimals recorded within the defense cells.
The weight icon needs to be replaced with the durability icon on this page.
Swagderer's Set.



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Why is this so popular?



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It has decent statistics, and a nice aesthetic.
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The stats are actually really good for its weight
My favorite set in the entire Souls series. They really should've brought this over to DS3 :(
I'm pretty sure there is armor in DS3 that looks similar, the coloring might be abit diffrent and you might have to equip smth like the sorc hoodie ,and you probably get to wear a bonus cloak
This has better phys. defense than Pyromancer robes, worse elemental resistance, better lightning resistance, and significantly worse status resistance. The aesthetic is pretty similar, and this set is slightly heavier.