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By Anonymous
Y'all: curse you RNJESUS!
Me in NG: I was born this way
By Anonymous
Kind of a cooler Dark Set
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This piece of armor looks badass when paired with the lorain helm, gauntlets, and leggings
By Anonymous
If anyone on Xbox needs the set, hit up Skill Slays. I've got multiples of everything except the hood.
By Anonymous
Guys whoever is wondering it is possible I got it today what you wanna do is get the silver serpant ring plus 3 and then the weird mimic chest head and farm the ringed knight wielding the ringed knight paired great swords I got him my first 10 minutes of farming no joke(for the rest of the set you can farm other knights to make your life easier)
By Anonymous
If you like SoC set but want more defense, put on the firelink set and wear Ringed Knight armor.

Gloves and Leggings can be of your choosing though.
By Anonymous
Anyone wanna trade me the Ringed Knight Set?
By Anonymous
I wear it with Mornes helmet and it looks badass with any fiery weapon