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Great, thanks
For the info
If you use this gesture in front of Ebrietas, does anything happens?
no, nothing when i tried
My money would be on the likely outcome of Ebby pummeling you into the next NG cycle.
Tried this gesture in the boss area where the player character encounters the Living Failures and my character made the motion of making contact. Used the gesture in the direction of the sunflowers in the center of the area. Can anyone please verify whether or not the motion of the gesture is just something that happens whenever you use the gesture and wait, or if this is something that has some meaning behind it.


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The gesture switches sides after about a minute if you wait for it.
im having a hard time finding the gesture, where specifically is it?


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It can be found in the Upper Cathedral. From the Upper Cathedral Lamp, it's in the building straight ahead, on the second floor. To get there, go in through the short cut and kill or avoid all four of the blue-eyed beasts. If you don't have the shortcut, then enter the building normally, and hang a left at the bottom of the stairs to reach the 'right' side of the room. Then, sticking to the right side of the room, trace along the wall until you find a very narrow path. Follow the path between the two walls but be careful, at the end, there's a brainsucker(or Cthullu-motherf*cker, as I call them) waiting just out of sight that would love to steal your insight.

Either kill or run past and there should be a ladder at the end. Climb up it and you should be on a previously sealed off part of the second floor. This floor should, if I recall correctly, have two single doors, a double door, and two more brainsuckers. What you're looking for is the double door.
Why is this not made into a meme, this gesture is the Bloodborne equivalent of Praise the Sun tho
Because you don't make memes. Memes just become. Back to Leddit.
Praise the moon?
tried this gesture in front of the doll to no reaction, waited a bit for when ur character switches arms and she clapped when I did which made me take a ****
I'm wondering if this gesture symbolizes the changing of Day to Night. The arms showing the change in horizons and how the sky moves around.

The brain of Mensis grants us the Moon rune when we show it the Night side of the gesture
Its supposed to represent the Gauss Triangle, which was intended to show extraterrestrial life that humans were intelligent with an understanding of math
He change the arms if you wait something like a minut