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But why can't we have the cape on it too??
We're not cool enough to hunt Farron Abyss Watchers so we have to use the one without capes
I have farmed 100+ Followers with 307 item discovery and still haven't gotten this *****ing armor. Got like 10 each of the *****ing rest of the set though. *****in *******!
Why is the drop rate on this armor so F*cking low?? They're just random guys, this is ridiculous.
There's so many of them though
Pretty decent suit of armor. Using this with Millwood legs and gauntlets and Creighton's helmet looks like a super sensible choice for a melee character.
Makes your tits disappear, 0/10 Unless you're into flat girls or something
hell *****ing yeah son
Flat girls are the wildest u know



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Both. Both are good.
Is there a mod that adds the cape? If not can somebody make it, come on we all want it