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Best way to beat him is to just hit him until he dies.
woah, no way.
wow,very helpful guide,finally i could beat him
i realized that i can parry drangonslayer armour boss while he holding his weapon with 2 hand and im wondering can i do the same thing on this?does anyone know about that?
It is likely also possible.
he's pretty slow so an easy way is to just wait for his shield attack and hit him, rinse and repeat.
The hilarious thing about him is that once you've aggro'd him, his aggression is entirely based on linet of sight. If you turn away and start running, he won't chase you as long as you don't look at him. Alternatively, if you've aggro'd him and get long ways off, then turn and look at him, he'll remember you exist and resume chasing you. TLDR; if you wake him up, and then move your screen so he isnt on it, he forgets about you. Put your screen on him again a mile away, he'll sprint a mile to murder you.



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"My brilliant boss clearing strategie has never failed to defeat a foe! Now men, group up, AND HIT IT TILL IT DIES!"
This boss can suck a fat *****, i dies to him 10 *****ing times
just a quick note because it looks like no-one else has really said it, but if you have the Dragonslayer Greatshield it makes this fight *extremely* easy due to its high physical/lightning defense and good stability. A bit obvious I know but may help someone. thanks bye.
*Gets PTSD from shield bashing* Ah*****, here we go again.
Found this dude even harder than the boss armour. Keep throwing his two handed move set since the begining.
There are easy cheese methods for this guy if you google it. You can make him fall off a cliff, or my favorite, luring him over to where all the ring knights were and in the far right hand corner and if you get him to drop down you can circle back and turn him into a pin cushion with your arrows. With my sL 35 character this helped a lot, as I did not want to have to clear the area again, especially with that summoner guy respawning every time. I have seen videos of people baiting him over to the ringed knights and they fought each other, but I have never been able to get this result.