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I thought this was about fairy tail gajeels power
"Headshot will instantaneously stun Iron Dragonslayer, but will not deal extra damage."

Wrong. Headshot give 50% plus extra damage. I've just glitch'n killed it with headshots. Gonna upload the video later.
okay. armor looks great. and then? you cannot use its axe moveset nor the shield bash. Newcomers will say "oh cool! I can be the boss!"....and then die alot thanks to the weight that either let them fat role or makes them put every stats point into vit instead of vig and end. The same people that come back later lamenting how unfair invasions or how impossible certain bosses are. At least use either the weapons or the armor. Not both together.
Attempting to wear the entire without fat rolling requires 56 vitality with RoF +2 and Havel's +2.

Requires 55 with +3 versions.

Without equipment load boosting gear, it requires 77 vitality.

What the hell.
Wrong buddy. I displayed the iron dragonslayer because I stopped giving a **** against midir. I used the full set and didnt fat roll. Plus had enough intelligence and faith to use some buffs and other useful spells against him. I won after that cosplay lol
Cheese strategy, in addition to the temple one below: you can kite him almost all the way back to the Ringed City Streets bonfire. His AI will glitch and stop around the rock outcropping, the one with the locust preacher kind of facing into the rock, with two submerged locust dudes nearby. He'll pace back and forth and usually keep his shield down, and won't react if you shoot him.

Discovered when I realized I had zero estus left and ran like a coward.
In what universe does a sheild bash become a the deadliest move on a boss carrying a 12 foot pole with a electrified blade?? Yet another example of fromsoft overkill
I won't argue that it deals a ton of damage, but in the right hands shields can be more effective than other weapons. Once doing swordplay at a renaissance fair (That's a lie, we were LARP tardz), I got DESTROYED by a guy who swung his sword once per three attacks with his shield, I was bruised to hell.
The head piece looks like a stylized premordial serpents head.
I just had him chase me around with the cat ring on and he fell off a cliff about 4 times and waaalaaa. LULZ
Stupidly easy if you use Vordt's Great Hammer. Three to four swings with my +5 VGH procced Frostbite and did a huge amount of damage on NG+. Compare that to my +10 Greatsword which felt like I was swinging at him with a tree branch.
This comment is hilarious, because I just defeated him and decided to check the wiki. Tried using my Greatsword first try and died, then switched to VGH and wrecked him.
2 comments talk about cheesy luring strategies and yet the page bother to mention that he can't be. Could someone edit the Combat Information section? thanks.
he cannot be lured by the spell, but can be by the player (ie he will follow you if you get there)
Does he respawn?