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Can be staggered, but NOT riposted
I killed this guy the easy way by using Hidden Body and sniping him with a +9 Arbalest. Yes, I know, I'm pathetic.
*Hey, as long as it works* meme
I lured him to The bridge before that dragon. Se Both died. I got The set in his spawn location.
'that dragon'...boi you better put some respeck on Midir's name
Hidden Body, Slumbering DragonCrest Ring, and Pestilent Mercury. Deadly combo that works on almost all mini-bosses.
Cast hidden body and approach him, stop a few steps from him, just so he wont aggro, then cast pestilent mercury.
Back away and notice he approaches the mercury himself. Cast hidden body often so you wont be caught.
He'll be dead without you breaking a sweat.
Don't think so

I was using hidden body to scope out the area and he aggroed me from a mile away. Hidden body doesn't seem to have any effect on him
One of the most melee friendly bosses in the entire series and you guys are trying to cheese him, lmao.


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He's only melee friendly if you are STR build. Lighter build will still have trouble. Dex build will do pathetic ~200 damage per second at 40 DEX and Refined +10 Quills). And don't even mention Pyro builds. Not to mention the whole swamp is a hard area (with that frigging Judicator hanging around, plus Ring Knights & Haralds etc.) you have to think about Estus consumption as well. Just because he's melee-able doesn't mean he should not be cheesed.
Please. Get a Sharp Lothric Knight SS or a Sharp Claymore and go at it on a dex build. Pyros? Pyros will have the easiest time because hes vulnerable to fire and Chaos infused weapons. That entire area (with the Judicator and Ringed Knights) can be passed by without aggroing to lead to Armour. Stop making excuses. The ONLY build that'll have trouble with Armour is Faith builds unless you have a physical weapon buffed with Darkmoon Blade.
Estus consumption? There's so many enemies here that your Estus will keep being replenished. Besides that's your fault.
So still stands. He's completely melee friendly and sadly is so easy to dodge. Just like most melee aggressive excuses. Get better and stop cheesing lmao. Only boss worth cheesing is Midir the damage spongebob because of their dumb HP pool and defense ratios.
He's melee friendly regardless of build. I run a pyro and melee'd him with my Demon's Scar without much concern. It only took 2 deaths until I realized this dude has a *huge* safe spot in his one handed swings. Stick close to him and you don't have to dodge at all while he one hand swings.
you guys are noob I defeated him just like I beat the dragonslayer armor
it was a much cooler fight than the pilgrim butterfly one. no stupid cheap boss moves, just you and this beast going at it.
But which ng was it? I didn't even get the dlc until my main game was at ng 7.
Need at least 56-57 vit to full cosplay the Iron Dragonslayer. Items:
Havel's +3, Rings of Favor +3, 2 additional rings, full Iron Dragonslayer set, Dragonslayer Greataxe, and Dragonslayer Greatshield.
We couldn't send the hag's messages to the "tin can..."
I think the tin can is Lapp. The hag also says the tin can never stops talking.
You can cheese him by luring him to where the temple where all the Ring knights are, lead him all the way to the back of the roof portion of the building and jump from an opening located on the right near the cliff, make sure you you also jump FROM the cliff. He should follow and jump off the roof portion of the church but won't jump off the cliff itself, he'll get stuck there. Simply make your way back and range battle him. EZ GG.
Why does this crappy wiki not tell where he is located
End of the swamp in ringed city. If you take the 3rd bonfire just go straight through the swamp past the giant archer summon guy and he's there.