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on ng+ he drops 128000 souls, and the set, no soul drop boosting items equiped
Can be lured and the only tip I have is that there is a down building with a ramp that you can climb up and force him to wander the bottom. It will lock on and try to get in close but you can stand above and pick it off with arrows or ranged attacks. I don't know the exact distance but I know there is a hill in between with the turtle preachers.
He's not that hard, you should be able to stay close and circle to the left to avoid his shield bash.
NG+++ he hits harder/faster than the Demon Prince... I love it tbh
I wish it would respawn when you rest at the bonfire. Love fighting this guy.. and it kind of reminds me of encountering dragonriders as "regular" enemies in DS2
You can help other hosts fight him.
you don't deserve to fight him if you need help doing it.
Not gonna lie, when I was going through this swamp area for the first time I was caught of guard by him over in the corner waiting for me. I thought the giant in the area was the only real threat, until he wakes up and tries to kill me, luckily I kill him got his armor. Took Fromsoft long enough to put this in the game.
I got the full set without ever fighting the dragonslayer is that possible? Pls halp
Is it the Old Iron Dragonslayer set or the set you got after defeating Nameless King you're looking at?
ng+8 gets invaded all out of sunnyD low on health pops a seed O YEAH GET SOME
*Waits for seed to run out*
*Slow caps*
*pops another seed* I've got a whole bag
You can only carry 3 seeds at a time kiddo, which is only a bit more than 2 minutes of total monster aggro. From the sound of it you have no idea how to effectively use them on an invader.
I shat bricks when I saw him charging towards me in this DLC. Was not expecting this enemy encounter given he is a Boss in the base game but with Less HP.
Its implied that it was damaged when you defeat it in Lothric Castle and is barely functional anymore after spending ages hunting in the ringed city.
It is no longer as powerful as it once was.
plus he just got done destroying all those harald legion knights.


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Even if you don't kill him in the main game he's appear. Also, Abyss Watchers weapons deals more damage (I believe).
Ringed City is in the future, killing it doesnt matter as history is set in stone. You have to defeat it in Lothric Castle eventually so whether you do it before or not is no issue. If you dont defeat it in Lothric Castle first then it is implying that you will kill it when you travel back to the past.
Time in Dark Souls is not a straight arrow but a web of events in which characters and NPC's can travel to different points in time past, future or present without creating paradoxes as everything you do even time travel was pre-ordained at the creation of time.