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By Anonymous
Sounds like a few of the quotes are about Irina and Morne, as well as Aldia, Orbeck, and Yellowfinger Heysel
By Anonymous
I personally believe that they are all NPCs from Dark Souls 3. The one who wanted knowledge was Orbeck, the girl who "Slew her own kin" was Sirris, since she killed Hodrick, her grandfather; The girl who lived in fear was Irina (hence gnawing), the one who wears the weighty armor is Eygon, and the one who was one of the fingers was leonhard. As for the wayfaring knight, I believe it is either Siegward searching for Yhorm, his beloved friend, or Alva searching for Zullie
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By oedalis
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Yellowfinger was a woman, the Preacher refers to a man.
By Anonymous
The Preacher's dialogue refers to many of the NPCs we meet on our journey, hinting of their fates, and how many of them are tied to the Abyss. The Preacher refers several times to characters who die at the end of their quests as having been "embraced" by the Abyss.

The quote about knowledge seems to reference Orbeck's quest for Sorcery.

The quote about a girl killing her kin and being embraced by the Abyss is referring to Sirris, who dies after her quest is done.

The Wayfaring knight is Alva. Who apparently dies in Irithyll Dungeon outside Karla's cell, which he cannot open. He seems to have mistaken Karla for Zullie, his beloved Black Witch, which explains how he didn't find the reunion he wanted. Although Alva reappears in The Ringed City, guarding Zullie's corpse. So the line about the failed reunion could be referring to how Alva didn't find Zullie whilst she was still alive.

The girl living in fear of the gnawing creatures of the dark is Irina.

The armoured man afraid for a girl is Morne.

The Finger that was embraced by the Abyss for not becoming a Grub is either Kirk or Leonhard, both die, both are Fingers, and both remained human. In this case, the "embrace" that the Preacher refers to could be Leonhard stealing Rosaria's Abyssal Soul away for himself.
By Anonymous
The wayward knight is Siegward I believe.
By Anonymous
Siegward never looked for his beloved. He was on a quest to end the suffering of his old friend, Yhorm, should Yhorm become consumed by the Abyss.
By Anonymous
Pretty interesting stuff. I'm especially shook by the reference to Irina. The preacher talks about she's afraid of creatures that gnaw, and then says the Abyss never gave birth to such creatures -- but what the hell is he, then?? Not sure whether I should believe him, or take this as just spin inspired by the forces of the Abyss.
By Anonymous
It appears their duty is spreading misleading propaganda to lure people to the abyss. Also, they are prone to thinking more with their stomach then head, aside from the lore pointing it out, they blurt out their true intentions at the end - "Let the feast begin!" Like an over excited child anxiously awaiting lunch/dinner.
By Anonymous
Lol the misleading propaganda is that of Gwyn, Gwyndolin and all the self proclamed "gods"
By Anonymous
I'm starting to if Gnawing miracles summon a swarm of little locusts. But are from the Abyssm
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By oedalis
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The preacher isn't birthed by the Abyss though. However I still find it a hypocritical statement since such creatures are definitely drawn to the Abyss, if not birthed by it.
By Anonymous
"Isn't birthed by it" You merely adopted the abyss...i was born in it, molded by it! I didn't see fire until i was a Locust! By then it was nothing but blinding!
By Anonymous
The preachers rose spontaneously from the abyssal swamp... I'm not really sure how much more abyssal this creature could be.
By Anonymous
I think there is more than one preacher, possibly a separate one for each location you can find it. If you go to the entrance of the swamp at the bottom of the stairway with the harald knights, coming from the stairs there is one high up to the left and one on a platform to the right. Close to the one on the right you can find a spot where you just have to turn the camera to see one or the other preacher. This seems to indicate that it is not one locust moving around but multiple ones.
By Anonymous
Very easy way to find out: kill one of them and see for yourself that they're not all the same preacher. In all likelihood, the preachers are basically the abyssal equivalent of clerics.
By Anonymous
They seem to talk about various NPC's that can appear in Firelink Shrine. Sirris, Orbeck, Irina, Eygon, and Leonhard all seem to be referenced. Though Alva would seem to break that mold. Unless that line is somehow referring to Greirat.
By Anonymous
Think the list goes:
By Anonymous
"One was a Wayfaring knight"
That is a reference to Alva. In DS2 he was known as Alva the Wayfarer. Searching for a sickness for Zullie. He obviously failed to find a cure for her and sought the Abyss so he can be reunited with her. Explains why he yet again invades you when you're near the corpse that has the Black Witch Set. Who I think is Zullie.
By Grey_Duke
"Searched for a sickness for Zullie"? Wut? Did you even read the Alva's items' descriptions? He searched for a cure to someone called Saint Seretta, Zullie accompanied him to lead him astray, but eventually we got a pairing.
By Anonymous
How many preachers there are? I only found 3 so far, but theres a piece of dialogue here i didnt listen to from them.
By cridus
where's the third? I found the first one and the one on top of that ladder at the beginning of the swamp.
By Anonymous
the third one is where you get the ringed knight straight sword, right next to the ringed city streets bonfire
By godofcinder
Fear not, the dark, my friend.
And let the feast begin.
By SollenAce
Their dialogue is very interesting to say the least. They're often talking about deceased character and how they were "embraced by the abyss". Perhaps the Abyss is an afterlife for humans? So were we spawned from the dark do we inevitably return to it? That would explain why the Dreg Heap is full of Angels and Murkmen.
By Anonymous
Yup, exactly. Take the Undead Crypt for instance, Grave Warden Agdayne tells you that the Crypt is a place where undead can find peace and rest. My theory is that the darksign is literally the light of the age of fire irritating a human's "dark soul fragment" (i.e. their humanity which is a piece of the dark soul) since dark souls 1 tells us that a person's humanity only becomes exposed upon death...meaning that once you die the humanity is exposed to the light which would be like a vampire stepping out into the sun...the humanity becomes agitated by the light which is likely what triggers someone to become "hollow"...their humanity is triggered so much that they become feral and aggresive. But even a full fledged hollow is able to become peaceful once they go to somewhere completely dark, this is proven by the fact that the first few hollows you see in the Undead Crypt are all totally non-aggresive. They just wander with a torch etc.. but once you hit the part where the giant torches are at and more light is showing (probably lit up by vendrick's nights) you start seeing enemies becoming aggresive and attacking you. For humans, darkness is natural. And just like in real life, the preacher says there can't be shadow without fire/light, and that in the abyss there are no shadows. So basically the only reason the darkness/abyss is "bad" is because the light/fire is agitating/provoking it (just like how we were told in item descriptions that the only reason Manus become aggresive was that someone provoked his humanity by "upturning his grave" exposing him to the light/fire and it "went wild, seeking the broken pendant".) and if you get rid of the fire which creates anxiety within the abyss, then the abyss becomes just a normal peaceful darkness where humans can thrive...probably similar to the "gray darkness" that we had before the dragons were defeated.
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