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How accurate it is for the preachers of the dark look disturbing yet sound soothing.
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It says all the characters the preachers may be referring to are non-undead, but Orbeck explicitly states that he’s undead.
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Just to let everyone know the large preachers also drop soul of a nameless soldier, took me a bit to realise cause the wiki didnt say lol. Also the small ones drop pale pine resins only in my experience
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- arm (kind of)
- head (kind of)

Lmao wut
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I searched thine own self once. Didn't find much tbh wouldn't really reccomend.
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What if they have told the feast thing to Gael and that dude take it too literally?
By Anonymous
i guess he did took it literally :/
By Anonymous
Pretty sure the Preachers are being very literal, if vague
By Anonymous
Maybe they told Aldrich the same thing.
By Anonymous
Please put 'speculation' behind the words trivia & lore. thanks.
Oh Logan went crazy after learning the crystal spell and was killed soon after.... so where got time to teach the twin??? Sheesh these lore loopholes...
By Anonymous
The Grand Archives is basically just the Duke's Archives renovated and witb castle built around it. Logan never taught them anything personally, having died eons before, but it's highly implied Sulyvahn was Lothric's tutor.
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