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By Anonymous
I hate these things and this place.
By Anonymous
You're not the only one there.
By Black_Iron_Bob
They're really weak to fire and if you shoot their tar pit with a fire arrow before aggroing them they'll just burn to death. They're great for farming large titanite shards and titanite chunks.
By Anonymous
Doesn't stop them and this place from being the most annoying to traverse, does it Black Iron Bob?
By Anonymous
this page is incompleete
By Anonymous
Found a glitch where hitting them with an attack that launches enemies (I was using bkugs) they'll get trapped partway through the animation and float in place in a U shape. Hitting or killing them resets them, but I just let them roast over the tar pits like that. Pc sotfs, dunno about other versions
By Anonymous
"I am addicted to black tar heroin." At least it isn't one of the 'Bentley Compounds'
By Anonymous
God out of all enemies I’ve encountered in the souls born series I can safely say these things freak me out like no other
By Anonymous
I know now exactly what it is too it’s that damned “eye” it has
By Anonymous
The one that gets me the most is the mf chaos eater from ds1
By Anonymous
Best way to farm titanite early game.
By Anonymous
Just hit their pools of black tar with a fire arrow and they'll die. Easy as things can be.
By Anonymous
They are sucking the dark out of me!
By Anonymous
I love these things they're so cool looking