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By Anonymous
Really now... I came here because I was puzzled what could it be these guys were weak to. They resisted lightning, bleed, fire and were meh against magic. I was 500% sure that these guys would be super resistant to DARK since it made zero lore sense for them to be weak to it. Lo and behold, weak to DARK. ****ing hell.
By Anonymous
In case someone else noticed, as the description states, their armor was forged in the Abyss and is basically the Darkwraiths armor with a Hollow mark in the chest, so this is from whence the Four Kings and New Londo learned about life draining?
By Anonymous
That is a good theory!
By Anonymous
It's nice to finally be facing a knight enemy that doesn't have infinite poise and 12 swing non-stop combos with infinite stamina like almost every other goddamn knight enemy in this game... LOOKING AT YOU GREATSWORD CATHEDRAL KNIGHTS
By Anonymous
Everybody be havin troubles with these guys?
I just Great Heavy Soul Arrow away at them xD
By Anonymous
"People are having issues with tough melee enemies in melee range? How is that possible? I just spam spells from range"
By Anonymous
Why. They are to strong
By Anonymous
The WA on the firelink sword will knock these guys flat on their backs for an easy kill
By Anonymous
Any charged up heavy attack from a heavy weapon (ultra greatsword/greathammer) send these guys flying and on their backs too, including the stomp WA
By Anonymous
i wish the riposte on these guys would stab them right in the seal..... that would be kinda cool
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By HankSchraderGaming
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ringed city knights >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> black/silver knights
By Anonymous
I hate these guys.
By Anonymous
Ringed Knight Hood Link points to titanite Slab instead of the Hood.
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