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Excellent shield for Shrine of Amana, where you'll find a bunch of casters.


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even if you don't use the spell parry/shield slam move if you infuse it with a faintstone it has almost 100% magic block (with a small amount of physical block sacrificed).
Thanks,now I just needed to go though the watery hellscape.........
Looks dope
Ah, Shrine of Amana...just ****ing did this once again.....and HATED IT
This is one of the most unique ideas executed extremely well in the series, sad it never made it's way to DS3. Rest in best great shield


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only blocks 95.6% of physical damage? 4.4% is very little, but not blocking 100% seems kinda dumb, all things considered.
Not even 100% physical block? For the shield that makes the boss literally invincible, regardless of whether it's actively held up or not? come on From
You're not actually using his shield but the shield Ornifex copied for you, so why would you think it operates identically?