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This has a mesh screen in the front that blocks most of the wearers face... Hollows rejoice! Also it looks really good with the Alva chest piece; the red colors are almost a perfect match.
It pairs excellently with the Slave Knight set as well :3
Does it boost sorcery?
It doesn't boost sorcery..
It removes my beard. -rep
This looks insanely cool when combined with Gael's torso and Alva's torso.

I didnt liked the way bot of those armours looked until i put this hood.
Weighs less than but better poise and resistances than prince lothric hood, Just fyi for optimizing.
can ye still see the weird neck/chin mesh(on female characters) while wearing this?
The red does conflict a bit with the deacon robe's red but it still looks quite nice together imo if you're looking for a red/gold hooded robe look.