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Who the actual hell is Filianore? Why does her slumber mean anything?
Filianore is the sleeping woman with the broken shell, in the trailer, and apparently Lord Gywn's youngest daughter. For the meaning of her find it for yourself, at the DLC end.
i killed the dragon in the optional boss fight, but now when i approach her door again, she wont say anything and i cant interact with it
Same here... Plus she didn't invade me, I wonder what I did wrong...
I think if u activate the Gael boss fight by waking Filianore it will fail her quest line.
How do I summon her for the dragon boss fight?
After "pushing" Midir into the chasm below, go back to the door you first talked to her at, she will state that she still hears the beast, then go to the room before the fight with Midir, and her sign should be available.
Anyone know what item she gives player when talked after killing Midir but before killing her near Gael?
She gives 1 titanite slab, but whether she drops another one when killed near Gael is yet unconfirmed
SPOILER AHEAD: Invades in the Church Ruins after the fight against 'The Red Hood' knight. Go from the Princess Bonfire, towards where you fought the boss, and turn right down that 'hall'. After to go to the back, she'll appear.

Drops: Crucifix of the Mad King & A titanite Slab.


- Uses the Mad King Crucifix and the Lightning Arrow miracle (very often, be careful).

- Used 4 Estus in the fight. May have more, never saw her do the 'I'm out' animation.

- Has very low poise due to the armour she has, making her easy to stunlock
She doesn't have more than 4, and the Lightning Arrows can be cancelled by just getting very close. She is also weak to Bleed.
Im not getting invaded by her, is there a reason?
So i found this door and interacted with it the first time i got here, but afraid the Gower knights would find me i left as soon as i interacted with it, heard no dialogue

Iv come back to it now and nothing happens when i interact with it
same happened to me ): started to talk to her but a crawling cleric guy shot me, after that she wont speak at all
also happened to me. seems like a bug but who knows
When talked after accepting her request for Midir and before killing her when she invades you, she gifts the player one titanite slab.

Confirmation needed if you can obtain 2x slabs from her if you kill Midir and then kill her after you have talked to her.
Just finished testing this,

My friend killed Mirid, and talked to Shira. She gave 1 titanite slab, and later on when my friend killed her near Gael, she only dropped the Crucifix of the Mad King.
her summon sign wont appear for midir if you enter the final area, havent been invaded by her or killed gael yet so just going there is enough
I wish I knew this before I entered the final area :/
Whoever the hell gave the directions for how to find her is as much an idiot as the enemies near her are fat.

The directions state to take literally the longest possible route, and with unclear instructions, and with the most possible enemies.


From the Ringed City Streets bonfire, go through the door that leads to the swamp (the only path that is NOT in the direction of the humanity riddle). After passing through the door drop down and head to the left. You should see the large staircase that has the Gower Knights (the fat guys) that goes upward (it's the same staircase that leads to the swamp if you were to come from the bonfire the idiot says to start at). She's at the top of this staircase. It's that *****ing easy.

I'd be surprised if anyone could find her with the instructions of whoever it was that posted it to the wiki. Jesus christ.
I mean, you have to go through that way regardless to GET to the ringed city streets bonfire, that's why it was stated like that, because that's the only *****ing route to get there unless you've already progressed through, and you may as well go ahead and talk to her before getting the Ringed City Streets bonfire so that you don't waste extra *****ing time on the playthrough going down the stairs, around the platform, past the bug, up the stairs, and into the room to get the bonfire, then out the room, to the left, all the way the ***** back up the stairs, with grower knights potentially chasing you, and to the door.
Even after getting the City Streets bonfire, some still find it easier to go the long way, as not to aggro the 3-5 fatass harold knights on the path up to her door.
Wiki instructions are just fine. You can run past the enemies from the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire as easily as you can from the Ringed City Streets bonfire. It's a slightly longer path with weaker mobs to avoid. Such rage.