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Be aware the only difference between this item and the other ritual spear fragment is the range. This one summons the spears for a much longer length.
how do u use it?
You use it like a regular consumable.
Your statement is confusing and incorrect. You state that the only difference is BOTH range AND duration. Two different things. But you missed the ACTUAL difference.

Be aware that the only difference is actually x2 damage.
It looks like that at first glance, but remember that not everyone speaks English as a first lagnuage. On second glance, it's evident that the post is referring to the actual literal length of the divine spear attack's range.
I only seem to able to use it when i'm summoned in via the covenant, anyone know if it functions elsewhere?
No bro it's jus for the fight yeah it seems lame but think of the burn you do when the person has like 3 people on you
I seem to have just happened upon one. Is it different than the one you get for turning in covenant items?
Yes, with this one the spears last longer.
I think they bugged the effect of this one, in my game the ritual spear fragment is the one that shoots out a row of spears while this one just summon then i a short radius..
Try holding the button down.
Free aim, dont lock on
Seriously, consumable as a covenant reward? What a bull*****waste of time. Can you buy more?
I assume it's infinite like the Church Guardian Shiv
Its infinite dumbass.


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its an item, its not consumable. Literally says unlimited use in the item window.
Don't think I've ever seen something downvoted so much on this website
it's a usable that use fp, so it's unlimited as long as you have fp to use it
is it usable in pvp ?
only usable when you invade as a divine spear covenant
Can you drop it?


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Very similar to the Ritual Spear Fragment. So much so that I'm left disappointed. I was hoping a different item to use as the boss, or perhaps something else entirely that could be used outside of the covenant, such as a weapon or a spell.