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Any use in keeping her alive after buying everything?
She dies anyway you can see an angel-like being flying around which most likely killed her but she drops her ashes, honestly from the look of it just kill her.
ahh I never considered that the Angel might have killed her
I like to think that after death she was reborn as an angel, much like the other pilgrims. That's probably the reason why the angel doesn't attack you, just flies around, peacefully taking in the view.



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It does attack you, actually... if you were the one to kill her. Interesting that it is aggroed just like she is, and peaceful when you left her in peace.
Her Voice Actress is the same one as the Opening Dialogue.
Could be a coincidence but she's mentioning that at the end of the Age of Fire all Lands converge there and that she enjoys the sight from there.
I think it could be an implication that she's actually the Narrator who watched the Cycle for quite some time ever since the first game as the Narrator always was the same.
just wrote the same thing (didn't know about the same voice actor)....and yes I think this is absolutly no coincedent. Maybe not planned right from the start but as a kind of easteregg when they developed the Ringed City DLC. and it fits as you wrote it. She is old and wise and knows about the nature of the world. Same as the narrator lady. They are the same imo. Pretty sure.
Good guess, she's actually High Priestess Emma! In the description of her ashes it says that she was "a wet nurse of royalty", and if we consult the description of the Priestess Ring, it reads "The High Priestess also served as the prince's wet nurse". And just in case you need further convincing, take a look at the ashes' picture - there's a certain ring on one of the fingers :)



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She is indeed Emma :D
Ok, I wasn't the only one who saw that! I thought I might have just been connecting dots that weren't there.
Pretty sure the dialogue at in this article starting at "Hark! They brought thee here, did they not?" is actually from another NPC that you meet at the Mausoleum Lookout. Was hoping to find more information about him, as he seems to disappear after you beat Halflight.. Does anyone know if he shows up anywhere else / does he have a name? Seems like the answer to his question doesn't matter but was hoping he had more dialogue after I woke the princess.
It is more than likely her, since if you kill her early the angel appears.
Yes, was searching for him as well. And you are correct. He does not appear anywhere else.

The dialogue after "Hark!" is not of the hag.
I am pretty sure it's not her (in response to the comment). The guy we meet at the Mausoleum Lookout who says those lines appears to be a Pygmy. He's wearing the same clothing as the Pygmy lords we find when we fight Gael.. He looks like them as well, except he doesn't have a crown.
I killed the pigmy when I first got to him and then returned to the hag, and she was still there. so, yeah. Not her.
That guy reminds me more of ludleth and the lore of his ring than the old hag.


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What the hell? I just watched a playthrough and found out about her, she did not appear for me at all.
Guess that's a common glitch. My first run through with my hyperpyro, she didn't show up initially. But when I reloaded the area, she was there.
After she dies, an angel spawns, which ties into her last line of dialogue. I don't think she "became" the angel, she was just satisfied with having seen it? Although I thought it was possible she might have become it, since it's not aggressive (unless you attack it) and it just seems to be taking in the same "grand sight".. Anyways, I thought that was pretty interesting
It will actually attack. It just doesn't until you reach its view distance
Old Charmer ahead...
Seeing as the first npc you meet in TRC's dialogue is also here, I may as well say his dialogue when you kill him is 'May the abyss' curse take the gods'.
Is the tin can she's talking about actually the NPC Lapp?
At first I thought immediately about the Soul of Cinder, where the tin can reference could be somewhat related to its armor, but I'm not really sure about this.
Probably because he is one of the few people in such heavy armour in dreg heap.