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By Anonymous
Literally a raid boss, summon all your homies and prep for the best endurance boss From has ever made to date
By Anonymous
Profaned Great Sword was incredibly efficient against this boss. Only two tries were necessary!
By Anonymous
if the boss fight area is the first firelink shrine from DS1, then below it should be New Londo? which means that its close to the abyss right?
By Anonymous
No, everything has shifted location that's how so many places converge in tje dreg heap
By DemonsSoulsMaster
Miracle builds have the advantage here, because while the second phase prince takes half as much damage as the first, bleed still does full damage. Cast dorhys gnawing to bleed him for ~1000 damage every two casts. Also, kill the red demon first so you get the 10 second laser beam in the second phase.
By Anonymous
already died around 15 times to him, closest being 1/10th of prince's hp but I refuse to give up trying to beat him with the onyx blade lmao
By Anonymous
i'm trying to beat the game with a chaos longsword and pyromancies and i'm kinda stuck here lol
By Anonymous
Same, im on a dark build, and i was one hit away
By Anonymous
I ****in' love this fight. Best dual-boss I've ever played in Souls.
By Anonymous
He's pretty easy except that second phase. I do like no damage. Fight goes on forever.
By Anonymous
hardest boss on soldering iron runs :(
By Anonymous
Just get a bleed bandit knife and invest some in ATT. So easy. The i-frames are insane on quick steps!
By Anonymous
Dorhys's Gnawing shuts this boss down so hard
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