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Get gud
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Curious connection here with an item description:

Ultra greatsword of Lorian, Prince Lothric's older brother. Cast in smoldering molten steel, and stained black.

Before Lorian embraced his brother's curse, he was a knight who single handedly slayed the demon prince, but the victory eternally scorched his sword with flame.
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This guy used to be dead.
By Anonymous
You can summon Lapp for the fight too
By Anonymous
Black Knight weapons dont seem to deal the extra 20%dmg.
By Anonymous
First Stage He's semi weak to magic, stage 2 when the prince emerges hes very resistant vs magic. Source: A Mage Only Build
By Anonymous
Lapp is summon-able for the fight.
By Anonymous
Gael is as well just behind the bonfire
By Anonymous
Well phase 1 and 2 is now the same. You get both demons right off the bat. And the Demon Prince has a ridiculously high sorcery resistance (about 70%) CSS with 99 INT and Court Sorcerer staff +10 (and all the sorcery rings) does 384 damage... You're better off with Great Soul Dregs (does about the same amount but less FP and is a homing spell). Still whatever you do as a pure caster this boss is ridiculously hard.
By Anonymous
If you don't have a blessed weapon or bleed build it is no matter what Hard as balls darkmoon is doing absolut non on him and Crow quills unbuffed suck
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