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were is the avenger aax5 ?


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I have never seen the aax5 in any part of the game it might be released in a later dlc or patch but right now I dont think it exists.
I really like the P.A.W its my favorite weapon in the game :3
Has any one gotten the L-89 halberd?
I got one from the arms merchant on Kadara. Found another near the end of Cora's loyalty mission.
same with coras loyalty mission, but mostly you will find it more often in multiplayer
you can buy it on Kadara Port
x5 ghost is now available pls change the info on wiki
I can finish the Status for the "X5 Ghost rifle" cuz I have 1 that's lol 9 out of 10 I made on my M.E.A NG+


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Here is all the information you need for the (X5 Ghost rifle)

Damage 49 - 78
Rate of fire 600
Max Clip 94
Max Ammo 450 - 563
Accuracy 72 - 90
Weight 16 - 8
Slots 2


Hope it helps everyone.
How does one get the X5 ghost?