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It's a lie.
The legend never dies.
Also not sure what to do here.
where is it exactly?
where is it exactly?
On a wall near the Streets bonfires. Passed the locked door.
I was finally able to solve this puzzle. Very simple yet very tricky to understand.


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Wow, that's kind of obtuse. Wonder how people figured it out the first time. What are the items, anyways?
How are people playing this early? It's not available from what I know in the U.K. Yet. But is there some way of getting it early (on PS4) like changing my time zone to a specific region? If so, what should I set it to?
Piracy Exists... i'm sorry if i was the first one to tell ya. xD
On xbone, if you change your timezone to UTC +12 and region to new zealand you can install it all ready
us Australians already have it
It has nothing to do with piracy
You need to have no hollowing in order to turn into the humanity on the second use of the white branch. Make sure to use a purging stone before hand!
not true, I'm at 99 hollow and did it
The ten people who upvoted this are dumb.
Praise the sun
Praise praise praise the sun!
try finger

but hole