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By Anonymous
Worse than black knight shield in literally EVERY aspect.
By Anonymous
Absolute garbage of a shield.
>Weights more than Curse Ward Greatshield
>Stability of 64 of +5, which is just 1 stability more than +5 Silver Knight Shield - a shield that weights almost 3 times less than this
>Weapon Art deals no damage, only staggers the opponent instead of knocking them back and provides a buff of poise and damage reduction for a very short time. Maybe it breaks through enemy shields with relative easy but i wouldn't know because nobody uses shields in PvP and those few who do have enough brains to not have them up when you use the WA.

The only good thing to say about this shield is 90% fire damage reduction which makes it very useful against pyromancers, but it doesn't justify the ridiculous weight - and by extension vitality requirements - of the thing while it has an absolutely pathetic stability like that.
FromSoft once again with their top-notch balance and weapon design, woooooooooo.
By Anonymous
and yet no one uses a curse ward. Ever. Never in pvp. So who cares what you say, *** boi
By Anonymous
More like „Ugly Goat Greatshield“
By Anonymous
trash, it would be good if the weapon art did damage and also it would be good if it throws away someone who is close, like how the ringed knights do it?
By Anonymous
Bad stability for a greatshield, high stat reqs and many weapons that normally bounce off from a greatshield, like spears and straight swords, don't always do so with this one. At least it would look cool, if it wasn't so low res. And I'm still probably gonna use it on my ng++ crack goatman cosplay run.
By Anonymous
If weapon art was like force then it would be good
By Anonymous
I used the dragons to destroy the dragons
By Anonymous
bonk Midir on the snout with the head of his cousin
By Anonymous
actually now that i think of it, isn't it mentioned in the Lightning Gem item description that they are "Found in the aftermath of dragon hunts" meaning that truly, dragons were used to destroy the dragons?
By Anonymous
For anyone doing shield only challenge builds: this shield has the highest base damage in the game and does more damage than a heavy infused greatshield at 50 str. It's one heck of a unit, too bad the WA is kinda garbage
By Anonymous
You can left hand the small dragonhead for the fire swoop
By Anonymous
No faith scaling despite what is indicated on the screen. (?)
By Anonymous
certain weapons have faith/int scalling but only does low damage, they just buff up phisical damage, but these weapons are rare