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By Anonymous
Where's my dragonator !!
By Anonymous
One of the fairest fight ever in Dark Souls 3. Yes, it's difficult, but it's a freaking fire breathing dragon 24 m in length and 8 meters tall! It's expected that you die, then die, then die. Then, maybe you learn something, and die not so quickly. Then you close the game, have a good night rest, find out what worked and not, and then maybe you can win, with a great sense of accomplishment.
By Anonymous
Fair? Are you drunk? Almost every other boss is more fair than Midir.
By FatherThyme
This guy scared the crap out of me on the first 5 attempts, but he's actually not that bad. His attacks seem really hard to dodge at first but can be learned surprisingly quickly. Best advice I got was to stay like 2-4 character lengths from his head, directly in front. Roll backwards on all the swipes and bites so that he stays centered. Sprint to avoid the fire, beams and dark orbs. Roll forward and under him 2-4 times (ending up behind him) to avoid that long spam attack where he starts with the fire and then several swipes.

In general, even if you don't hit him, you want to be close to his head when he "resets" after a combo. Keeps him a lot more predictable. If you end up really far away for some reason, sprint sideways to avoid his lunging Oceiros-like tackle.

The attempt before winning I only removed like 20% of his HP. Don't be disheartened if it seems like he has too much health. With this guy, once you 'get it' you really 'get it'. Plus you remove like 15% of his HP at the end with a single riposte. If you get halfway through his health, you're way more than halfway to winning this fight.
By Anonymous
Honestly I am not a fan of this fight. 3/10. Has some major issues. For starters holy **** the camera. Why is it so hard to keep the camera locked on. Constantly unlocking off and makes him impossible to follow. I literally fight with my ears more than my eyes because you cannot see a godamn thing. Why can't fromsoft understand that these fights require a bigger FOV for gods sake... the fact you have to stay put in front of his head so he doesn't spam breath attacks that are impossible to punish is a gigantic design flaw. The fact this is a DLC boss is even more disappointing. Two thumbs down from me.
By Anonymous
I dont want to sound like thise git gud guys but, if u have camera issues maybe you didnt understand how to fight it.
By Anonymous
"never lock on the camera" this boss, it much easier to see and dodge if you not lock camera and try keep boss on whole screen.
and if fire attack is hard to dodge, just block it with fire resisted shield
By Anonymous
A list of things that make me nervous about hosts when summoned to help with a boss:
1. They are wearing the abyss watcher armor or artorias armor
2. They use legion etiquette to greet
3. They do not L1 spam back at me
4. They have any high stat req weapon and are also using pyromancy
5. The boss is Midir
By Anonymous
Hahahaha. Yeah.
By Anonymous
In article it is mentioned that verical swinging weapons are good, but I'll add that they are far superior to horizontal. Windows when Midir's head is close to the ground are very narrow, he kinda bobs up and down, so for example when I was fighing him with Astora Greatsword I managed only one hit per opening, if any. When I switched to Flamberge I could hit him 2-3 times per window, stance WA also works well here.
Years ago, before I "got" how to fight him in melee, I tried using Greatbow. Hawk ring + leo ring make this possible (tedious also), but on higher game cycles you might run out of ammo.
By Anonymous
I never had a hard time killing darkeater or anyother boss thats why i call my self Titanslayer but that was a fun boss
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
you are the coolest guy on this website has anyone ever told you that before?
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
First time going against Midir, I had a pyromancer build so I was more than a little worried about damage. Managed to beat him first try with pestilent mist and lightning arrow, but cut it close with no estus left and only a smidge of health. I almost killed myself with pestilent mist more than a couple times.
By Anonymous
Has a lot of copied moves from Kalameet, kinda cool
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