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Can anyone help me kill him please? I'm NG+ SL200 on XBOX One. Gamertag: xXxTATTOO1987
We just slaughtered him :D
Just defeated him after 20+ deaths. Praise the sun!
Lots of blather about being under or near tail, terrible understandings of his melee attacks. Greatshield users, don't HUG his face, you'll know how long the punish window is and you want to be a step or two back when he enters "AI decision" mode. Why step back? (1) It seems to bait more clawing (2) his utterly*****ty, godawful, intern-developed strikeboxes will register as clawing your BACK (pro work there, From.) and deal +1000 raw damage (ProtectionRing+3 helps). (3) So do step back and you'll be able to easily shield them, have less camera/lockon bull*****, and have better roll visibility, which is useful when he does the lengthy 10,000-damage six-strike hour-long saga (which is often followed by firebreath and zero inactivity [punish] window, really nice choice there From) that I don't see mentioned anywhere in this*****ty page. THE UNBLOCKABLE GRAB IS TELEGRAPHED BY WHITE ACTION LINES during a pronounced roar (and some blurring) again no mention anywhere of what will /actually/ help you trivialize (roll) a vicious grab and distinguish it from other rampages. FWIW he seemed to stagger around 30% and I was allowed to riposte for a measly 415 damage, but it instantly killed him. Perhaps the stagger was partly established by a phase2 darkbreath that involves him being BIPED (hind feet standing) very extensively, allowing melee to whale on his feet, affecting whatever weird posture system dictate PvE staggers in DS3.
So it sounds like you're a little mad and that's okay. I'm glad you beat him in the end and I hope your future boss fights go well. The 415 damage you saw as the riposte was only the first hit of what is typically around 2500ish and provided you spend the fight hitting his head you'll have the opportunity to do this shortly after phase 2 every time
Trapping yourself between a wall and a fire-breathing slash-happy dragon is a bad idea. So try not to do that. That is all.
You can traverse the fog wall without knocking him off the bridge if you invade another world and right before it transports you, you “Traverse Fog Wall”
This page is a mess with way too much bad and useless info. Midir telegraphs all his attacks really clearly if you're in a position to see them. Roll backwards from his melee swipes and bites, roll or sprint sideways to avoid his charge and fire blast, hit him on the nose when he's depleted his stamina. It's a very active fight - like Nameless King.
you should make a guide then kiddo
With 50 strength, I tested the damage dealt by a +10 heavy Millwood battle axe and a +10 heavy Dragonslayer's axe with the WA, gold pine resin and gold pine bundle. The best damages were achivied by the Millwood battle axe with WA. (Split damage really sucks...) It was something like 430 per swing in Midir's head on NG+.
i guess that's a good damage for just an axe but i was doing 493 with +10 heavy guts greatsword only having 28str.
Finally solo’d him after beating with help a few times. But if it weren’t for that big critical the game gives that eats like 1/5th if his health idk if I’d have made it
Midir gives me Shin Godzilla PTSD
Struggled so hard with this boss. For me the key by far was in the positioning. For hours i did hardly any damage to him and got repeatedly destroyed but the first time i started focusing on staying just under his head/neck i beat him straight away. i locked onto his head, just block/tanked his claw swipes, stayed under his neck and hit his head repeatedly. you get an idea for when he's run out of stamina then it's time to start swinging. if he flies away just chase him and stay in that sweet spot. my gear was black knight sword +5, black knight shield, black iron armours, estus/chloranthy+3/flame/dark stoneplate rings. I was solo and unembered. hope this helps someone. great fight but so glad it's over.