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Midir can be seen on the tower when you first enter the Ringed City, you can see him from the 2nd NPC (Locust Preacher). I noticed him on my first playthrough, it is good indirect foreshadowing.
Its a boring B-team boss, so he have no weakneses. Just stupid hitboxes, patterns and movement to not letting you hit him properly. Seriously itsTAIL go UNDER THE GROUND when i hit him! UNDER THE GROUND!
what? midir is one of the best designed bosses in the entire series
the boss guide is big gae
Small issue that doesn't really matter, but the sorcery is Pestilent Mist, not Pestilent Mercury.
It used to be called Pestilent Mercury.
Try Dragonslayer Greataxe. It is definitely great axe against dragons. Just be sure you have enough mana to spam its WA. It deals enormous damage. First try in NG and NG+.
One of the most fun fights in all of dark souls imo. No additional phases or enemies; just you and a wyrm with a big ol' health bar. The way it should be.
I'm using a melee build with 40 dex and 40 int. What weapons can I use that don't deal magic damage? I'm using a crystal infused Great Scythe right now and it does almost none.
Sister friedes great scythe is a good choice though its WA deals magic
Friede's great scythe does magic damage with all of its attacks, not just the weapon art. Honestly, if you've got 40 dex, you should probably just use a sharp weapon for this fight.
anything does almost none to this boss
I get this boss is difficult but all this "stay near his head" is no more effective than keeping a distance. This boss requires one thing I don't have: Patience.
Xbox gamers: anyone who is ~SL80 available for summon for this boss? let me know
Whats your namertag
im not sure about "bad design" but this is the ONLY boss in all of DS3 i can't beat while i can go through all the other bosses many without taking any damage. (i love the boss fights and am constantly putting my sign down to play them again.)
If you can beat every single boss without taking damage, you can definitely beat midir. You just need to learn his moveset, not lock on if you're standing close (most deaths are because of this exact reason), and make sure not to get hit by the laser as it's an instant-kill for most players.

Could be you have low vigor though. Every mistake is instantly punished if that's the case.

It's definitely NOT badly designed, no matter what the salty parry scrubs say. His moveset can be avoided rather easily. I beat him last time with 12 flasks remaining, and I'm no expert.

Just be patient, only attack his head unless you can get a free hit in against his legs when he passes you by. Roll through his fire if it comes from the side. In his first stage, the laser can avoided completely by siderolling, then, once he raises his head to do a side swipe with the laser, just sprint forward. He will miss and you will get a free hit or two for his head.

If he points his head to the ground for a fire breath, run BACKWARDS, not towards his tail. If he does his charge attack combo, just dodge THROUGH it.

If he flies overhead and breaths fire in a straight line to the side, sprint to your left side, his fire will miss completely. You can get a safe hit or two in when he lands.

Every other melee attack should be dodged regularly, but not while locking on to his head. If he stands up after a melee combo, run AWAY from him. His fire breath should miss, and as he raises his head, you can sprint towards him and hit his head.

If you end up behind him and close to his tail, he will swerve and strike you with a tail swipe. Roll through it.

Second phase:

Just ignore his dark power up AOE attack. Roll backwards or just casually run away, then as he roars and misses the attack, get to his head again and attack once or twice.

If he summons humanities, run away from his head, then as the humanities move towards you, either dodge a couple of times, again AWAY from midir, or just sprint away. The humanities will miss 99% of the time. Be careful, as midir will start attacking while the humanities are crashing in the ground. Don't get distracted by them and focus on Midir's attack instead. It's likely he will do a melee slam attack, which can be easily avoided, but be cautious nonetheless for his more spammy combo moves.

As for his second stage death laser. I have no tips other than to try and predict where his laser will go by looking at his head. A forward line laser should always be avoided by rolling to the side, away from the laser. A side swipe laser has the highest chance of hitting as it's hard to predict just how close the laser is to your position, but he will definitely raise his laser if he misses anyway after the first attempt, likely letting the second laser get behind you, running forward is a good choice in strategy at this point. Keep attention to him and don't attempt to attack, as the laser combo keeps going for quite a while and every hit is an almost guaranteed instant kill. Naturally, always remember that explosions follow every single laser trail.

And that's basically it, my man. A lot of the difficulty in the fight is due to players panic rolling or locking on to him. The dodge windows for his melee attacks are very generous, and you can dodge through the fire from the side, so you don't need extremely fast reflexes like in the Pontiff Sulyvahnn fight. I can guarantee that if you can handle the pontiff's ridiculous spammy bull**** of zero telegraphing without getting hit once, Midir is a cakewalk in comparison.
It's definitely a well-designed boss fights. All of the negativity is just pure salt. The only bull**** thing about the fight is that getting hit by the laser can insta-kill you. But that laser is telegraphed pretty immensely, and only the second stage laser is genuinely frightening.

My guy, just learn the moveset and learn when to dodge and where to. Also, don't lock on to his head while he's attacking in melee range. Your camera will freak out. He's a massive dragon ffs, you don't need to lock on.

I can guarantee that every move he does is dodge-able, and the hitboxes are very generous, along with the windows of opportunity.

Salty parry-lords of panic rolls will be salty tho, you actually need patience and skill for this fight. Can't rely on broken parry mechanics, so sad :(
Have I beaten Midir? Yes, enough times to get that katana and the true Moonlight Greatsword (even if its only a spell). Did I enjoy the fight? F*ck no.