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So he's basically the Abyssal Dragon named in Ashes of Ariandel, I presume
It doesn't make any sense why he would be the abyssal dragon, sure he is kinda related with the dark overall but. Why would he come to Millwood and destroy it in the first place? Since his soul reads that he was tasked by the gods to battle the dark until the end. Unless if Millwood Forest is inhabited by the dark.
Yep , Abyss Dragon right here. Hopefully we can have some Millwood Knights as allies
Can be or we find a weapon of milwood to fight the dragon
I doubt it's the Abyss Dragon mentioned in the Millwood descriptions.


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The first phase will be very easy for s sorcerer..Just hide behind these rocks and safely kill him =)

The second phase though.. damn.. as a ranged caster it will be pretty difficult considering the dragon will use his deadly attacks like breathing fire etc

However,, we could try standing under him and cast soulmass spells, affinity(is he resistant to dark?) or even crystal hail spell which theoretically should shine in this fight if you stay under the dragon coz he is HUGE and most likely all projectiles will hit him + casting time is fast ...
AWW HELL YEAH!! I knew a dragon boss would make its way into the final dlc. I just hope he is tough,but fair and not easy as the wyvern and more dragon than the consumed king.


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This motherf@$%er is the Ds3 equivalent of KALAMEET,so prepare to have the anus eaten.
this boss is hard, like super hard. im regretting being so determined to fight him
Reminds me of Shin Godzilla
I don't see the similarities, do explain how deformed looking godzilla looks like this dragon. Might be because I haven't fought him yet and I have never seen shin godzilla (well besides some clips)
Because of his fire->lazer beam attack


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If the Ancient Dragon is female,she would had a child with Kalameet and this child would be Midir.
this will need some checking up on but i cannot enter the fight with midir. i suppose it's because the person who asks the ashen one to kill them is a follower of the church and i woke up filianore before attempting. if this turns out to be the case it will need to be noted here
you need to kick him of the bridge (damage enough until he falls down), the second time you "meet" him, after that his you can access his fight.
ok then thats probably it. first time i fought him a bit but ran past after a while



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I keep seeing people saying you can see Frampt and Kaathe in the boss room dead, but I can't see them for the life of me. Anyone know where they are?
hi, its actually 4 statues in the room *before* the bossfight, where you drop down