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Perhaps that someone is you? Did you not arise from the Abyss, and did you not resist drowning in the Age of Fire? WHAT THE ***** DO YA MEAN?
Hmm...Maybe that's a nod to undead that persevered through each game? In the games before DS3 there's hollowing. Perhaps an indication towards it? Pure speculation but...something.
Best not to think about it... would only hurt our heads more
Resist drowning in the Age of Fire? By not being a puppet to the gods?
Fear not the dark, my friend. And let the feast begin.
Kinda looks like a pthumerian from Bloodborne
i remember ludwig
I knew it wasn't just me seeing that!
Let the feast, begin.
I shall partake!


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Is this the new Giant mask?
Does anyone else crash when trying to put on the White Preacher Head?
That's it. This is the Giant Dad Mask equivalent. No other choice.
Since it's a preacher mask how about...Father Gundyr, the poise priest.



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Gundyr's Helmet you pleb.
..You ever pick up an item and think: "Wow this is going to be a fan-favorite with invasions."
The only thing I thought this might do is charm the small Locusts and have them follow me, since it doesn't do that, it is solely a fashion souls device to make you one UGLY Muddafugga.